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Air velocity measure range: 0 ~ 45m/s (accuracy: ±3%±0.1dgts) Air velocity unit: m/s, ft/min, Knots, Km/h, mph, Beaufort


เครื่องวัดความเร็วลม ใบพัดแยก รุ่นนี้หน้าจอใหญ่ มีไฟส่องสว่างที่หน้าจอ อ่านค่าชัดเจน

วัดใด้ทั้ง ความเร็วลม และ อุณหภูมิ

ความเร็วลม เลือก หน่วยใด้เป็น m/s, ft/min, Knots, Km/h, mph, Beaufort

อุณหภูมิ เลือก หน่วยใด้เป็น องศา เซลเซียส์ หรือ ฟาเร็นไฮต์

Do you enjoy sailing, surfing, kite flying or hunting? Or maybe you’re a science teacher or meteorologist tracking weather patterns? If so then I’m sure you’ll agree that knowing the exact wind conditions and wind speed plays a critical role in your sport or occupation. That’s why this handy digital handheld wind speed meter or “anemometer” is an essential tool that makes your life much, much easier.

This high quality anemometer reports the current air velocity in either miles per hour, kilometers per hour, meters per second, or Knots plus, and displays them clearly on the LCD screen. It also shows the current temperature (in Fahrenheit or Celsius), the Beaufort scale number, as well as the min/max/avg air velocity measurements. The LCD screen even has a backlight, making the display easy to read even in dark and low-light conditions.

Hot Spots:

Digital Handheld Wind Speed Meter Anemometer
Displays Beaufort Scale, Air Velocity, Temperature
Backlit LCD
Wind Chill Indicator
Battery included, ready to use out of the box!


Product Description: Digital Wind Speed Anemometer
Screen: 1.5 Inch backlit
Temperature measure range: 0 ~ 45C (accuracy: ±2C)
Air velocity measure range: 0 ~ 45m/s (accuracy: ±3%±0.1dgts)
Air velocity unit: m/s, ft/min, Knots, Km/h, mph, Beaufort
Resolution: 0.2m/s 0.2C
Max/Min/Avg/current reading function
Conversion of Celsius/Fahrenheit temperature
Auto power shut off: After 14 minutes
Operating humidity: Less than 90%RH
Power Source: 9V battery (not included)
Casing Material: Reinforced plastic
Dimensions: Main unit: 15.0 × 7.5 × 3.5cm; Vane: 17.2 × 6.5 × 2.9cm (Approx.)

Package Contents:

Users Manual

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WM04-เครื่องวัดความเร็วลม ใบพัดแยก Digital Handheld Wind Speed Meter Anemometer